3 Must Have Vegetarian Eats at the 2019 Divali Nagar

From pepper roti to eddoes choka.

Divali 2019 is upon us once again,¬†and you know what that means? Plenty food! ūüēļWe visited the Divali Nagar in Endeavour for their annual week long expo and headed straight to our favourite section,¬†the food court.

Blue Birds

The booth that has the longest lines year after year for their famous flaky, crispy & HOTT pepper roti, Blue Birds! You can only get this pepper roti for one week of the year as the Blue Birds Sports & Cultural Organization sells only at the Divali Nagar to raise funds to finance their community events throughout the year. Lots of love, time and patience goes into making every piece of this heated treat as we saw in our brief sneak peak in the kitchen. A lot of flour, ghee and hard work was thrown around in a very chaotically organized manner to bring you this fiery delight.


To cool our bellies from all that heat after Blue Birds, we visited Taalcurry where they offered a selection of delicious vegetarian delights, but what really stood out were¬†the ‘hotdogs’, ‘chicken nuggets’, ‘fish sticks’, ‘lamb’ & vege kebabs made from all vegetarian products and grilled to a smoky, sweet finish. They were offered with two sides ranging from potato salad to¬†dumplings, a great spot to get your grill on.

The Pepper Pot

The Pepper Pot is known for their array of chokas, like tomatoes, baigan (eggplant), eddoes, and a wide assortment of various talkaris such as curried chataigne,¬†carailli, ochro¬†and bhagi just to name a few, all available to satisfy your roti cravings. (don’t forget to add some coconut chutney to add a little extra pizaz to your roti!)
They were so tasty, very well seasoned and they definitely did not skimp on the fillings. I had the Eddoes choka and you could actually taste the savory seasonings such as the roasted garlic that it was chunkayed with. When this was combined with their coconut chutney, my god, talk about flavor explosion, It was so good!
Be sure to check out all these amazing vendors and more at the Divali Nagar until the 26th October 2019. 

Must Have Vegetarian Eats at the Divali Nagar

These are 3 must have vegetarian eats at the NCIC Divali Nagar with Foodie Tales with Zaak! Featured Blue Birds Sports and Cultural Organization, Taalcurry & The Pepper Pot

Posted by Bessguide on Monday, October 21, 2019