6 Tips for Long-Lasting Carnival Makeup

Fete and sweat without a worry.

Is whole year that we’re waiting…Carnival season is upon us again. It’s a time for revelry, good times and making memories with friends.

No one wants to be worried about their makeup at a time like this so I’ve put together some quick tips that have all worked in harmony in keeping my clients (and my own) makeup on from dusk ’till las lap party has ended.

1. Cleanse, tone & moisturize before any makeup application.

Also drink lots of water to hydrate your skin. Wear sunscreen specified for your face. Good skin is the perfect canvas for flawless makeup.

2. Primer is your best friend.

There are special primers for face, eyes and lips. Use primers as directed on label, for the areas specified and remember a little goes a long way.

Primers help blur pores, keeps oil at bay and preps the area before makeup is applied. In essence, primers help “grab” your makeup and prevents it from fading, melting and caking.

A white/light colored eye shadow primer or pencil that has been smudged out, applied with clean finger or brush helps “pop” colors on the lid. Apply the eye shadow by first patting it on, then blending out edges.

For my ladies that love glitter on their eyelids, I suggest using glitter primer or glitter glue as these are designed for adhering all the little flecks and keeping them in place.

3. Use a long wear concealer and foundation.

Use small quantities, applied with a brush, wedge or clean fingers. Full coverage makeup is recommended for this occasion. Apply light layers of foundation/concealer and build up to desired coverage. Dust a light layer of powder in between layers of foundation to set. Dust off excess.

4. The key to gorgeous lips.

Use matte lipsticks, these tend to be on the dryer side so make sure and moisturize your lips well before applying. If using regular lipstick, blot the 1st layer with tissue and apply a light dusting of loose powder to the lips. Then apply another layer of lipstick, blot with tissue and powder again. One more layer of lipstick followed by gloss.

5. Use waterproof makeup for your eyes.

Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Also use waterproof adhesive for your lashes.

6. Finish the look with setting spray.

These are special formulas that are sprayed at the end of your makeup application to keep everything together.

Have a safe and happy Carnival 2017!

Featured Image via Kinesis Studios.

Written by Sabrina Look Kin

Sabrina Look Kin is a Internationally Trained Airbrush Artist - Temptu NYC, EHP Trained and Certified Novalash Eyelash Stylist. Specializing in everything from Bridal to Carnival makeup and hair. She is based in Port of Spain. Sabrina can be reached at reinvention.slk@gmail.com.