8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Trinidad & Tobago

Last minute ideas for the perfect Valentine’s.

Valentine’s Day is only a day away, so we’re here to make sure you’re covered for a bess day with your sweetheart. Whether you’re looking for something quiet & relaxing, or last-minute and adventurous.. read on.

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1. A picnic date at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of our favourite places to go to if you’re looking for some down-time with your significant other. The Gardens are not typically busy in the week, and with the vast landscape, it’s a great spot to explore. Setup a spot for the day – bring a blanket, snacks, a cooler, sunblock, a portable speaker and an umbrella (just to be safe) and enjoy your day.

Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad – Bessguide

2. Take a day trip to Tobago.

For the truly last-minute adventurers, take a day trip to Bago. With Caribbean Airlines offering quick flights for about $100 USD, roundtrip for 2 people, you simply can’t go wrong. Spend the day at Pigeon Point and Store Bay, as they’re relatively central to the airport; and enjoy a fantastic dinner at restaurants like The Seahorse Inn, Kariwak Village and Ciao Cafe (take a look at our Top Valentine’s Day restaurants here) before flying back later that night.

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3. Enjoy the sounds of pan.

For the music and Carnival lovers, head to the National Junior Panorama Qualifying Rounds for a night of steel pan played by the kiddies.

4. Make a homemade dinner and lime at home.

As simple as it sounds, many people feel the pressure to ‘do something’ on Valentine’s Day. Although we’re all about doing something your bae will appreciate, this could be something as simple as enjoying time together at home. Whether you’re surprising them with a homemade dinner, or cooking together, plan ahead so you’re not making a last minute trip to the grocery store. Pop a bottle of champagne or their favourite wine, and enjoy a night in.

5. Go on a Toco adventure.

Take a long drive to the Northeastern part of Trinidad and spend the day in Toco. This beautiful and quiet fishing village is an ideal spot for those looking to spend the day on the beach, but want to be removed from the bustling beaches of Maracas and Las Cuevas. As this is a bit of a drive, make sure you’re packed with all your essentials, and become familiar with the route or download Waze for the journey. After this trip, we have a feeling Toco might be somewhere you start to frequent.

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6. Stroll through Bamboo Cathedral and up to the abandoned tracking stations.

For the nature lovers, take a walk through Bamboo Cathedral in Chagaraumus in the Northwestern part of Trinidad. A great spot to explore for those looking to enjoy a training date. And, if you’re feeling up to it, walk through and make the hike up to the abandoned US military tracking stations. This date makes for a gorgeous hike, however make sure to wear sunscreen and bring water to hydrate yourselves.

Bamboo Cathedral – Bessguide

7. Get covered in pitch.

Looking to try something exciting and new? Visit the infamous Pitch Lake in La Brea, that many of us have heard about but have yet to try. Seeing your partner covered in pitch will not only make for a photo that will last a lifetime, but locals also claim pitch has natural healing properties that can cure almost anything. Insert terrible joke here…. but we think it’s a Pitch Perfect date.

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8. Treat them to their favourites.

From doubles to KFC, bake and shark to Irie Bites, we all have our favourites. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be out of the ordinary, and ordinary can be just enough to show them you care. From fresh lobster at a romantic restaurant to a Zinger special, go with what you know they’ll love.

Irie Bites – Trinidad