9 Unique Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago Lead by Women

From artisan cookies to inspiring mehindi designs.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible unique businesses lead by women in Trinidad and Tobago. These women have each created a unique brand, featuring unique, engaging and carefully crafted products and services.


Crumb is a home based baking business, which focuses on providing premium and gourmet baked goods, launched in 2018 by owner and baker, Shannon Fernandez. Crumb features a menu of specially crafted cookies and baked treats with flavours including Pecan Snowball, Ginger Spice, Espresso Brownies and Blondies.

Crumb focuses on a niche market, but executes it perfectly with a steady aesthetic and presentation. Crumb products can be ordered online here.

Mehindi By Suraiya

Mehindi by Suraiya is a company that explores the art of henna through different designs on different canvases and couples body art with henna art, owned by Suraiya Surajdeen – CharlesMehindi by Suraiya was established in 2012 and has since grown through social media and built a vast clientele from all over the globe.

The brand incorporates different designs into body art ideas, giving clients an accessory they would love for all occasions as the target market is both males and females of all different ethnic backgrounds. More details and her work is available here.

Junckollage Gypsy Caravan

Junckollage Gypsy Caravan is the vision brought to life by Rayya Mustapha. The name stems from combination of her favourite terms Junk + Collage, where her passion for objects, upcycling and mixed media created the whimsical brand today.

Beyond her eclectic handmade junck collection, the store also showcases local brands within their space, such as Aviaire Body Products and Keep Hope Alive. Junckcollage Gypsy Caravan can be found at One Yoga Studio, more details available here.


Seatara Boodoosingh is the creator behind SEATARA, who’s purpose is to create her own voice, style and vision for the world to see. She believes in taking creative risks, regardless if you’re unsure about your personal fashion preference.

Seatara’s ultimate purpose is to develop meticulous pieces that are timeless and leave meaning to the fashion world. She believes that fashion has the ability to change your attitude, build your confidence, and change ones perspective on life. At age 19 she founded her own label what is known today as “SEATARA”. She launched her highly recognized Monday Wear collection, ‘La Bella’ for Trinidad Carnival 2019. Her full collection can be viewed here.

Shimmerlicious Pizza

Shimone Anthony is the owner behind La Brea pizzeria, Shimmerlicious. Launched in 2015, Shimmerlicious has been at the centre of attention for many with one menu item in particular, their saltfish pizza. Beyond this, Shimmerlicious focuses on affordable pizza, think slices, but an authentic taste of home. Each pizza is carefully crafted blending international toppings with local flavours to tickle your tastebuds resting on a crust that is completely different.

Shimmerlicous is located at #10 Point Sable Road, La Brea. Full details and menu items can be found here.

Wild Craft Collection

Ashlyn Jaggernath is the owner behind Wild Craft Collection, creating unique, handmade cards and jewellery. Wild Craft Collection elevates your standard (insert occasion) cards, by bringing them to life through a personalized touch.

Each item in her collection has individualistic flares of creativity, ensuring smiles by recipient of any Wild Craft piece, whether it be a celebration or just a node of appreciation. Wild Craft Collection can be found at local markets throughout Trinidad and Tobago, details and locations available here.

Zib’s Homemade Ice Cream

Jimmy Sylvester is the leader behind Tobago-based Zib’s Homemade Ice Cream. As a small, independent and family run business, her team is dedicated to providing quality, natural innovative, mouth-watering traditionally blended homemade ice cream flavours inspired by the twin island.

Their flavours which are categorized into five main segments – coconut flavours, fruit flavours, rum/alcohol flavours, chocolate, nuts/spice flavours and Taste Tobago. Zib’s can be found at Booth No. 3 Store Bay, Tobago, with more details available here.

The Harvest Craft Collection

The Harvest Craft Collection is owned and operated by Denyse Walcott, who creates one of a kind craft collector items, drawing inspiration from Caribbean style.

Each unique item presents beauty by tying in Caribbean culture with a modern artistic approach. Every piece has a sense of individuality with her diversity in colours, patterns and aesthetic. The Harvest Craft Collection can be found at various markets across the country, with more details on her pieces available here.

Cynfull Living

Chef Cynell Aubin is the founder and head chef of Cynfull Living, a vegan catering company that makes vegan meals more accessible by delivering right to your door.

Cynfull Living switches up their menu regularly with fresh and healthy options for those who are looking to satisfy their cravings with a vegan approach. Some of their menu items include Sticky Orange Tofu with Veggie Chow Mein, Spinach Stuffed Wontons, Basil Pesto Mushroom Burgers and so much more. More details on their menu and how to place an order, here.