Bess of Traditional Parang

Classic tunes.

Yuh know it’s the Christmas season in Trinidad & Tobago when you hear parang playing non-stop in every store, bar and on the radio non-stop. “Traditional parang” which has a heavy Spanish influence, is played from as early as the end of October and most of us have been singing these tunes from since we were small.

I’m sure we can reminisce on these classic tunes:

Daisy Voisin – Alegria Alegria

Los Tocadores – Sereno Sereno

Singing Francine – Ay Ay Maria

Lara Brothers – La Gaita

Daisy Voisin – Goipe

Sharlene Flores – Si Yo Pudiera

Flores De San Jose Feat. Sharlene Flores – Bendita Tu Eres

Los Tocadores – Anda Parrandero

Daisy Voisin – Hooray Hoorah

Cantando Gloria – Los Alumnos de San Juan