Bess of Soca Parang

Eating, drinking, having ah good time!

Most of us grew up on these soca parang’s from since we were small, being able to sing most of them by heart after hearing them over the years on the radio stations or playing in the grocery, or while you’re shopping for the perfect ham.

 Susan Macio – Trini Christmas Is The Best

I think it’s safe to say we have one of the best in the world.

Lord Kitchener – Drink Ah Rum

Real classic.

Machel Montano – Soca Santa

Soca Santa don’t want to ride no sleigh, in a big time Toyota gallivanting all day.

Marcia Miranda – Bring Out De Ham

Because ham is life.

Kenny J. – De Paint Brush

For the ones that paint their house every Christmas (all of us).

Los Paramininos – Chinee Parang

Gimme Char Siu Kai Fan.

Bindley Benjamin – Play The Soca Parang

Soca parang on meh mind, the sweetest music at Christmas time.

Sharlene Boodram – Mamacita

I catch ya cooking paratha for Santa.

Marcia Miranda – Gimme Love Fuh Xmas

Make sure to give your girl love ups this Christmas.

Taxi – Indian Parang Chick

Kuchi kuchi kuchi la la, put more pepper in the channa.

RemBunction – Mr Santa Claus

Mr. Santa Claus, every year ah only get socks and draws.

Scrunter – Madame Jeffery

Ma Jeffrey oy, get up! It’s Christmas morning!

Scrunter – Piece Ah Pork

I want ah piece of pork for meh Christmas.

Scrunter – Leroy

Leroy, where ya mother gone, she gone parang.

Scrunter – De Parang Now Start

Eating, drinking, having ah good time!