Bubble Waffles & Liquid Nitrogen Treats from FrostBite

Worth every bite.

A new foodie haven has landed in TT and we promise it’s worth every bite (pun intended). FrostBite TT creates a variety of frozen delights that are both tasty and Instagram-worthy. Their current roster of treats include Bubble Waffles and Dragon’s Breath, made with liquid nitrogen; and yes, it’s just as cool as it sounds. Check out our full video at the bottom.

Chef Mohan Moolchan is the creator of FrostBite, and was inspired by the atypical desserts found across Southeast Asia. With his creativity and training at TTHTI, Mohan has gone full force into bringing his vision to life and investing in his business as a new entrepreneur.

Bubble waffles, also known as Hong Kong waffles, puffle waffles or pancake balls – is a delicious dessert that has risen to become a star trend across Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, North America and now more recently, Trinidad.

These pancake-like treats are made in a custom skillet that allows it to build it’s doughy, fluffy and round texture. It should be noted that FrostBite creates a homemade batter that helps create the rich, sweet taste it has. As their first event is the Divali Nagar, all waffles will be eggless.

The best part of FrostBite is that these treats are completely customizable. Whether you’re in the mood for plain waffles, or ones topped with ice cream, whipped cream, candy, fruit, chocolate (and so much more), it’s up to your preference.

Mohan has however, put together a variety of specials that might peak your interest including Cutie Tootie, Cookie Mania and Strawnana that come loaded with toppings for a very reasonable price.

Dragon’s Breath is a crowd favourite at FrostBite, and with reason. Dragon’s Breath is made with liquid nitrogen, coating a range of treats with it’s amazing texture. Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in liquid state that has a boiling point at −196°C. Liquid nitrogen is colourless, odourless and tasteless, allowing it flourish as a creative ingredient for Dragon’s Breath.

Why is called Dragon’s Breath? Take a bite and blow out of your mouth or nose and see what happens. Let it be known, if you have sensitive teeth, let the nitrogen settle or take smaller bites to reduce any sensitivity.

FrostBite will be popping up at the Divali Nagar from October 9-17 at booth 111. Can’t make the Nagar? Contact FrostBite by phone at 678-0213 or their Facebook here to book them or learn more about them for future details.