How to Make this Refreshing Portugal-Ginger Twist Cocktail

Fresh portugal juice, ginger syrup and rum. Need we say more?

Portugals are an institution here in TnT, and for the unacquainted, more internationally known as the ‘mandarin.’ The sound of peeling this sacred fruit can be heard from almost every classroom and household across the islands. The frenzy has many saying: ‘Portugal is love. Portugal is life.’

Disclaimer: This drink takes takes some beforehand preparation listed below, but when done right, you’ll keep coming back to this.

Watch our how-to video here:


  • 50ml portugal juice
  • 25ml ginger-simple syrup
  • 50ml Angostura 5yr
  • (2) dashes of Angostura Bitters

How to make ginger-simple syrup:

This is a bit of a tricky one to get right, but idealy you want the sweetness of the simple syrup to be countered with a slight zing of the ginger. Take a small piece of ginger, (roughly 2cm) peel and cut it into tiny pieces. Put the ginger into blender with 100ml water and 100ml sugar for 40 seconds, then fine strain. This portion of ginger-simple syrup will make about 4 drinks.

Making portugal juice:

Of course you can purchase portugal juice by the bottle, but we’d encourage you to use a hand juicer – It’s a lot fresher. Juicing portugals through a mechanical juicer, or even blending it tends to froth the juice – it becomes very bitter.

Tip: It’s going to take 2 portugals for roughly 50ml of juice. You can fit about 4 slices into a hand juicer.

1. Measure everything in a cocktail shaker.

Measure and pour the following in no particular order:

  • 50ml portugal juice
  • 25ml ginger- simple syrup
  • 50ml Angostura 5y
  • (2) dashes of Angostura Bitters

Angostura Portugal Ginger Twist CocktailAngostura Portugal Ginger Twist Cocktail 2Angostura Portugal Ginger Twist Cocktail 3Angostura Portugal Ginger Twist Cocktail 4Angostura Portugal Ginger Twist Cocktail 5

2. Stir, not shaken.

We’re going to stir the drink for about 45 seconds. Then pour from the shaker and into a cup with ice. Hopefully the ginger-simple syrup you’ve created brings just that slight zing to compliment the portugal juice and rum combination. Enjoy!

Angostura Portugal Ginger Twist Cocktail 6Angostura Portugal Ginger Twist Cocktail 8Angostura Portugal Ginger Twist Cocktail