International Women’s Day: An Interview with Rosana Hosang

Rosana is the Head of Marketing at Blue Waters Products Limited

For International Women’s Day 2020, we interviewed Rosana Hosang, Head of Marketing at Blue Waters Products Limited. Through her leadership, experience and insight, we learn more about her role and impact in the marketing industry.

Rosana Hosang, Head of Marketing at Blue Waters Products Limited

What is your role as Head of Marketing at Blue Waters?

To lead the development and execution of company’s Marketing strategy and plans for all brands; with a  360 approach including all elements of the marketing function with the goal of satisfying consumer wants and needs, inspiring brand loyalty in our consumers and achieving profitable growth.

Can you tell us about a female role model that has inspired you? 

There are many female role models that have inspired me over the years. It’s hard to choose one so I’m going to mention a few that positively impacted my career and mindset. The first is Roxane De-Freitas, who was the GM at Unilever when I started and is now the CEO at Massy Stores Trinidad. Roxane is a strong, intelligent and personable individual who was well liked by the entire company, I admire that she has always been able to soar to new heights through hard work and determination.

The next inspiring woman I would like to mention is another former colleague from Unilever Shelly Ann Simon-McKell who is currently a Divisional Manager at Vemco. Shelly held a number of leadership roles at Unilever when I was there. Although she consistently had an extremely busy schedule she was always willing to take the time listen to me and provide advice. She also believed in me and would give me that extra motivation when needed. The next three inspiring women that I’d like to mention are family members, my mother Jean Hosang, my sister Candace Charbonne and my grandmother Moy Hosang. These three women have impacted my life in many ways over the course of my life and they still continue to do so every day – whether it’s providing advice, lending a ear, providing motivation or keeping me in check. Although I have not been able to touch on the many other women who inspire me daily I truly believe that when women support each other incredible things happen and I am thankful for each and every one of them.

Which achievements, campaigns or launches are you most proud of in your career?

One of the achievements that I am proud of in my career is the presence and growth of the Dove brand in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean while a Brand Manager at Unilever. Coincidentally, this brand is synonymous with celebrating and promoting women with one of its messages being Real Beauty, Real Care. In my time at Unilever I was able to be part of a number of inspiring and emotive campaigns such as Dove Real Beauty Sketches, Beauty on your own Terms, Choose Beautiful, the Pro Age Campaign and many more. It is brands like these are that able to positively impact many girls’ and women’s lives by helping to break through the negative/unhealthy messages about women’s appearances etc that are so prevalent today contributing to the creation of a better future for those individuals.

What advice would you give young women interested in a career in the marketing industry?

The advice that I would give any young woman interested in a career in the marketing industry is:

1) Have a plan. Having a plan for where you would like to be in the future is the best way to start figuring out how to get there. Keep in mind though that plans don’t always go how you expect but once you know where you want to go, you can make the necessary moves to get there even if you experience unexpected things or road blocks along the way.

2) Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. This is where you are able to learn the ins and outs of the field and get hands on experience in many different areas. Doing this allows you to work your way up and prepares you for future opportunities.

3) Be willing to go the extra mile.

4) Be passionate about what you do.