Must Try Food & Drink at Bessfest 2018

From Curry Ice Cream to Crab Stuffed Dumplings

Bessfest: Taste of Trinidad and Tobago returns to the Queen’s Park Savannah, North Stand on Saturday July 7, 2018 from 3PM-10PM, for a day filled with incredible gastronomy from across the country. Bessfest will feature a wide array of over 70 food, drink and marketplace vendors. Pair this with food demonstrations & entertainment – you’ve got the biggest food & drink festival in the country.

This year, each and every vendor has something amazing to offer. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the must try items this year at Bessfest! Be sure to peep our full list, and show some love to all our vendors and sponsors.

Our official #Bessfest vendor list is here! Over 70 incredible food, drink & marketplace vendors. Free admission. Tag your foodie squad and get ready! —————————— Foodies interested in the premium experience can get their Fully Loaded or LIMITED VIP Passes at Craft Creators in West Mall or Trincity, Tradewinds Hotel or online via Eventbrite (link in bio) ————————————— VIP Passes ($500) Include: ✔️ Unlimited Premium Drinks (Rum, Vodka, Scotch, Wine, Bubbly, Beer and Chaser) ✔️ Exclusive access to the Tastemaker Sessions featuring Chef & Brand Demos/Classes (Featuring Constance Estate Infused Oils, The House of Angostura, Maggi, Carnation, Swiss and Eatahfood) ✔️ Access to VIP Seating Area ✔️ Access to VIP Bar ✔️ (3) Meal Chits ✔️ Skip the Line ✔️ Premium VIP Cup ✔️ Raffle Entries ✔️ Goodie Bag ✔️ Branded Bessfest Photo VIP Passes are limited in quantities. ————————————————— Fully Loaded Passes ($250) Include: ✔️ Unlimited Standard Drinks (Rum, Vodka, Scotch, Beer and Chaser) ✔️ (2) Meal Chits ✔️ Skip the Line ✔️ Fully Loaded Cup Cup ✔️ Raffle Entry ✔️ Branded Bessfest Photo ———————————————— Organize your crew as group rates available at outlets as well, to be purchased in sets of four: – (4) Fully Loaded Passes for $900 ($25 off / pass) – (4) VIP Passes for $1800 ($50 off / pass) ———————— Please note that meal chits have a max value of $35TT, however all vendors will feature at least one menu special at this rate. Menu specials can be found on our website! ———————— Special thanks to our amazing sponsors: Ministry of Tourism Trinidad & Tobago, Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, BarNone, Blue Waters, Carnation Caribbean, CGA LTD, Coca-Cola Trinidad & Tobago, Dianne Tea Shop, Fruta Fruit Juice, Fruta Kool Kidz, Guy and Gordon Ltd., Hamara Tent & Party Rentals, House of Angostura, Lost Tribe Carnival, MAGGI, NLCB, OJO: Star 947, 96.1 WEFM, 107.7 Music for Life, STAG Beer, Swiss Foods, Visionary Media House & 100% Fat Boy. ————————— We can't wait to see you next week at Bessfest!

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Hashi returns to Bessfest this year offering their savoury ramen bowls, and new specials exclusive at Bessfest, including The Choji Special: Korean slow cooked ribs. These hearty mouthwatering ribs are marinated for hours, then slow cooked to seal in the flavours and fall-off-the-bone tenderness, with just the right amount of spiciness. They’re also be serving up Yakitomorokoshi (available for $12): Japanese styled grilled corn, that is seared and drizzled with a special marinade and topped with a red curry dressing.

Bessfest $35 Special: The Choji Special

Zib’s Homemade Ice Cream

Nestled on the shores of Tobago, Zib’s Homemade Ice Cream joins us at Bessfest this year featuring their local, creamy and delicious homemade ice cream. They offer a wide array of flavours which are categorized into five main segments – coconut flavours, fruit flavours, rum/alcohol flavours, chocolate, nuts/spice flavours and Taste Tobago.

Bessfest $35 Special: (3) Scoops in a Cup, featuring at least (1) Signature Flavour including Carib, Bayleaf or Taste Tobago.

No these aren't stock photos, this is @zibshomemadeic, and they'll be at Bessfest! Zib’s Homemade Ice Cream (ZHMIC) is a family business nestled on the shores of the tropical island Tobago. They offer a wide array of flavours which are categorized into five main segments – coconut flavours, fruit flavours, rum/alcohol flavours, chocolate, nuts/spice flavours and Taste Tobago. They also have sugar free ice cream, which caters to diabetic persons, and local fruit sorbet which caters to health conscious and lactose intolerant customers. Their $35 Bessfest special includes 3 scoops in a cup, featuring at least one signature flavour including Carib, Bayleaf or Taste Tobago. Tag a foodie who would love to try Zibs! #zibshmicCreamyNotsSweet #zibsTobagosFinest #zhmicTobagoMade

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Cookie Kutterz

Have a sweet tooth? Look no further. Find Cookie Kutterz in our marketplace, serving up a wide variety of cakes, cookies, pastries, macarons, trifles and so much more.

Bessfest $35 Special: Dessert Box featuring a Cupcake, Pastry Item, Cookie and Brownie.

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Banana Joes Outdoor Cafe

One of our favourite food trucks is making a stop once again at Bessfest, offering gourmet styled home food, and a special menu exclusive to Bessfest foodies. We had a chance to preview their menu, and we promise it’s worth every bite. Included on the menu is the O.M.G Burger: it’s monstrous and savoury. Made from 100% fresh beef, with no additives; and piled sky high with delicious toppings including mango salsa, fresh veggies, crispy chicken skin, bacon, an egg, fresh guacamole and so much more. We DARE YOU to try this.

Bessfest $35 Special: Stay tuned!


Dubbed some of the best pizza in south, Shimmerlicious Pizza is making its way to Bessfest serving up their cheesy, crispy and fresh pizzas, including their famous saltfish pizza, yes you heard right. For pizza lovers, we definitely recommend giving this unique menu item a go.

Bessfest $35 Special: Mini Saltfish Pizzas

Passionate Juices

On a hot, sunny day, Passionate Juices hits the spot. Serving up a delicious blend of fresh, homemade juices including guavapine, sorrel, soursop, strawberry-blackberry & more!

Bessfest $35 Special: Slice of Passion Fruit Cheesecake or Large Fruit Juice

Dessert Den

For the foodie on the go, a stop at Dessert Den is highly recommended. This marketplace vendor will be serving up mouth-watering cheesecake on a stick! Dessert Den serves up flavours including pumpkin, sorrel, chocolate and more.

Conversation starter..awesome centerpiece for your dinner table….sliced for your convenience..Just for you..

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Cynfull Living

Specializing in vegan cuisine, Cynfull Living is serving up a healthy and unique vegan menu at Bessfest this year, including Cauliflowers Wings & FriesCrispy Cauliflower Tacos and more.

Bessfest $35 Special: Large Cauliflower Wings & Fries

Quan Keps Pork Shed

Our friends at Quan Keps Pork Shed returns to Bessfest this year as a fan favourite. Their crispy skin pork is exceptional in taste and quality, making for fantastic cutters.

Bessfest $35 Special: Portion of Roast Pork

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Aurora Bitayson Limited

This family owned estate specializes in crops of citrus, avocado and coconuts. Available in the marketplace, you can purchase some goodies including fruit syrups and fruit wines. Syrups and wines include organic pommecythere, mango, sorrel, star fruit and more. Wines include orange, plum and cashew – offering something unique for everyone.

Uncle Tony’s Smokery

Making their first appearance at Bessfest this year, indulge your taste buds in tasty smoked foods, charcuterie and comfort food at Uncle Tony’s Smokery.

Bessfest $35 Special: Pulled Pork Tacos or Angostura Smoked Spare Ribs with Rum & Coke BBQ Sauce

MaKay’s Rum Cream

Blended in Trinidad & Tobago, MaKay’s Rum Cream is a savoury blend of Caribbean rum, pumpkin, milk and spices. A totally local product Makays comes in two blends – Pumpkin and Soursop. They’ll be serving up a range of signature cocktail specials this year at Bessfest.

Bessfest $35 Special: Makay’s Nox, Makay’s Sans Souci, Makay’s Sunrise & Makay’s Sunset

AD-Yana Foods

Come with an empty stomach at Bessfest and taste their plant-based creations. AD-Yana Foods uses local products to create their vegan and vegetarian dishes, which are sure to satisfy.

Bessfest $35 Special: Two Channa Patty Sliders with Cassava and Plantain Chips, Dressed to your Liking with Roasted Garlic Cashew Cream Sauce, Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Sauce or Sweet Thai Chili Garlic Sauce

Kerry’s Nice and Sweet Treats

Kerry’s Nice and Sweet Treats makes their way from Tobago to Bessfest this year, serving up delicious favourites including Curried Crab & Dumplings and Crab Stuffed Dumplings and Tobago styled treats, like sugar cake and fudge.

Bessfest $35 Special: Curried Crab Dumplings, Crab Stuffed Dumplings or Tobago Styled Treats

Nice n’ Spicy

Our dear friends at Nice n’ Spicy are back at Bessfest this year, bringing their unique Oui Wontons, Stuffings include Smoked HerringSaltfish with Cream Cheese and so much more.

Bessfest $35 Special: Wonton Sampler

Ice Cream Chef Limited

Ice Cream Chef Ltd. returns to Bessfest this year, bringing back their local, gourmet, unique styled flavours of ice cream. local gourmet ice creams. The flavours manufactured range from regular flavours such as coconut, peanut, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry and vanilla to the very unusual flavours such as curry, mammy apple, moringa mint, eddoes, plantain chocofest and yam and coconut. Yes, CURRY ice cream.

Bessfest $35 Special: (3) Scoops of Ice Cream, Topped with a Chocolate Shell & Topping of Choice

Chocolate shell experimentation for Bessfest 2018

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Mango lemon ice cream finally is in stock

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Once again, the event is completely FREE admission for all. Simply stroll in and purchase food & drink directly from new and classic vendors. If you’re looking for the ~premium~ foodie experience, we have something specially for you.

Fully Loaded Passes

This year our fan favourite Fully Loaded Passes make a return. Perks include:

  • Unlimited drinks at the bar (standard brands of rum, vodka, scotch, beer & chaser)
  • A Fully Loaded Bessfest cup
  • Skip the line for all vendors + bar
  • (2) Meal chits

New & Limited! VIP Passes

We’ve done a lot of planning this year, and based on feedback, we’re offering a VIP foodie experience. Perks include:

  • Access to the Tastemaker Sessions (sit back and enjoy demos and recipes from your favourite brands and chefs!)
  • Access to VIP area & bar
  • Unlimited premium drinks at the bar (premium brands of rum, vodka, scotch, wine, bubbly, beer & chaser)
  • A VIP Bessfest cup
  • Goodie bag
  • Skip the line for all vendors + bar
  • (3) Meal chits

Please note that meal chits this year have a $35 value. However, vendors will be offering an exclusive $35 Bessfest special!

Passes can be purchased at Craft Creators in West Mall or Trincity, Tradewinds Hotel, and online via Eventbrite (see below).

For those foodies coming in groups, peep our group special:

  • (4) Fully Loaded Passes for $900 ($25 off / pass)
  • (4) VIP Passes for $1800 ($50 off / pass)