Satisfy Your Poutine Craving at Poutinois

A Trini twist on this Canadian classic.

We heard you’ve been longing to try something new: well we’ve got you covered. Let’s get you acquainted with poutine by Poutinois.

For the uninitiated, poutine (and no, it’s not of the Vladamir Putin variety) is a traditional fast food dish that hails from the Canadian province of Quebec. Owner Edwin Akit, a Canadian himself, describes it aptly as the Canadian equivalent to doubles. In short, poutine consists of fries topped with cheese curds, and dowsed with gravy. However these poutines have a twist.

The process begins by chipping fresh potatoes which then undergo a two-stage frying process ensuring evenly cooked golden-brown fries with soft insides and a crispy exterior. The batch is then tossed with sea salt and served with a generous serving of your choice of classic or garlic cheese curds. This is not to be overlooked: the use of cheese curds makes a dramatic difference in flavour and texture. It’s how you know your poutine is legit, otherwise you’re just deluding yourself with a portion of cheesy fries.

Lastly the whole dish is drenched with a savoury gravy which, we should mention, is halal gravy – works for everyone. Now that you have your base poutine, this is where you board the Flavour maxi and there are no short drops on this ride.

Influenced by his Trini roots and the surrounding Trini culture, Edwin and the good folks down at Poutinois have taken it a step further; creating what we can only call the avant-garde of poutines. There are various toppings to choose from to create your own personalised poutine: 29 possible combinations in all.

In the vegetable line up there’s: sautéed onion and mushrooms; tropical salsa (a flavourful combination of tomatoes, red onions, and chandon beni, amongst other ingredients); and pineapple.

The meat mouths are catered too as well, with a selection consisting of crispy popcorn chicken, bacon, BBQ pulled pork (made with their sweet and tangy specialty sauce), and geera chicken.

Understandably, the power of choice can be a heavy burden to bear in these circumstances. If that’s the case we suggest then that you grab one of their top three speciality poutines:

Le Deluxe Poutine – this is a base poutine topped with bacon, popcorn chicken and green onion: an appropriate choice for the meat lover at heart.

Le Trini Poutine – this is a base poutine topped with geera chicken and the tropical salsa mentioned earlier. The salsa provides just the right balance; toning down the strong geera flavour, while not overpowering it at the same time, creating a delightful blend.

Le Tropical Poutine – this poutine is topped with BBQ pulled pork and pineapple. The BBQ sauce by itself is enough to satisfy. The added pineapple takes it over the top in flavour.

Your poutine can come in one of two sizes: beaver and grizzly. A friendly warning: it is easy to underestimate them at a glance but you will be pleased to know that they’re quite filling. The final cherry on top, is your choice of sauces to add to your creation. You can choose from tambran, chandon beni, garlic, or pepper.

This one is, without a doubt, dedicated to our foodies out there who want something different. The regular poutine by themselves are a treat, that is, until you up the ante with the various combinations of toppings. And for those of you who decide to go back after your first try (because you will go back after your first try), ask them about their loyalty card. In addition to receiving bonus rewards every 5 purchases, you’ll have access to a private Whatsapp group where you can make pre-orders to pick up, and be notified of special promotions.

Folks you’re in for a special treat and we challenge you to get creative with it; we guarantee you would not be disappointed. Give Poutinois a try and, as always, let them know Bessguide sent you.


  • Where: Located at 183 Southern Main Rd, across the road from Subway (opposite Kay Donna Lights). Look for the Poutinois banner on the store front and walk down to the end of the yellow hall. The walls are adorned with works by local artists you simply can’t miss it.
  • Get in touch: 720-7416 or
  • Extras: Poutinois is actively partnering with restaurants for special occasions. They also provide catering where you can have custom-made poutines made for a special event.