Top 10 Best Pizza Places in Trinidad & Tobago

From gourmet to local style.

You can simply never go wrong with pizza. So in honour of National Pizza Day, let us take you through the best pizza places in Trinidad & Tobago, from gourmet to local joints. We won’t judge you for devouring a slice or a whole pizza after reading this.

Editors note: All locations featured are local brands and we wanted to highlight the bess of the bess in Trinidad and Tobago

Buzo Osteria Italiana (Our Pick for Best Pizza in Trinidad)

Rated as one of the best restaurants in Trinidad & Tobago, Buzo’s pizza is spot on if you’re looking for gourmet selection. Whether you’re dining at the pizza bar or getting take out, the atmosphere for Buzo makes for a great night out. We highly recommend the Original Buzo or Buzo Pizza. Either way, their selection of pizzas are flavourful, cooked to perfection and have massive serving sizes. Buzo tops our list for the best pizza in Trinidad.

  • Location: 6A Warner Street, Port of Spain
  • Type: Gourmet Pizza
  • Contact: (868) 223-2896

La Cantina (Our Pick for Best Pizza in Tobago)

Look no further for the best gourmet pizza in Tobago. La Cantina tops our list as the best, as their ingredients are not only local, but homemade; including their sauce and herbs. Made in a wood-fired oven, you can expect authentic, thin crust, Italian selections from their menu. La Cantina also has a location in Trinidad for those looking for this familiar experience back in the city.

  • Locations: Milford Road, Crown Point, Tobago / #12 Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain, Trinidad
  • Type: Gourmet Pizza
  • Contact: Tobago: (868) 639-8242 / Trinidad: (868) 627-4992
  • Menu

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Chop Chops Bistro

Chop Chops is a fantastic spot if you’re looking for gourmet, thin crust pizza in St. James. Chop Chops makes our list as one of our favourites because of how fresh their ingredients are. Featuring lots of variety for those looking for options, whether it be veggies or meats, and they also have their chef’s specials which are very enticing. Chop Chops is perfect if you’re looking for a casual resto to dine at, or looking for takeout (we recommend ordering ahead).

  • Location: 43 Mucurapo Road, St. James
  • Type: Gourmet Pizza
  • Contact: (868) 628-5555

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Ciao Pizzeria

Ciao is a pizzeria based in Tobago and they have a huge selection of Italian-styled pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. From Pizza Bianca, Calzone to Classic Pizza, you can’t go wrong with their delicious selection of toppings. Our personal favourites are the Primavera and Fuoco, for their hearty toppings and rich flavours. Their pizzas are thick, crispy and worth every bite.

  • Location: Burnett Street, 20 Scarborough, Tobago
  • Type: Italian Style Pizza
  • Contact: (868) 635-2323 or (868) 639-3001
  • Menu

Quik Slice

Literally known for their ‘quick slices’, Quick Slice is the perfect spot for those looking for a ‘quick’ bite, or for those coming home from a fete looking for late-night eats, appropriately located on the Avenue. Quik Slice has your simple classics inspired by Trini influences like ‘Red Woman’ (pepperoni) and ‘Piper’ (mozzarella and cheddar). We’ll let you google those references..

  • Location: 67A Ariapita Ave, Woodbrook
  • Type: Local Pizza
  • Contact: (868) 271-3474

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Looking to experience the best local pizza? Head to Joe’s. Their pizzas are light, crunchy and are topped with fresh local ingredients featuring ‘Trinidadian cheese’ also known as New Zealand cheddar (we know… not exactly Trinidadian, but we’ve accepted this). A great place if you’re looking for a quick bite, or for take out.

  • Locations: Diego Martin / Maraval / St. James / Ariapita Ave / St. Augustine
  • Type: Local Pizza
  • Contact: Diego: (868) 632-1951/ Maraval: (868) 628-7402 / St.James: (868) 628-5697 / Aripita: (868) 355-5697 / St. Augustine: (868) 645-1914


Kava offers delicious artisan, thin crust, brick-oven cooked pizza. Our favourites include the mouthwatering Kava (tomato sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, caramelized onions and toasted walnuts) or the simple Margherita. If you’re looking for a more refined location paired with delicious pizza, look no further.

  • Locations: Kapok Hotel
  • Type: Artisan Pizza
  • Contact: (868) 622-5282


For those in South, Bacco offers savoury and flavourful Italian styled pizza with fresh local ingredients, cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. Bacco also offers freshly squeezed juice, which pairs perfectly well with their thick, cheesy pizzas.

  • Location:183 S.S. Erin Road, Duncan Village, San Fernando
  • Type: Thin Crust Pizza
  • Contact
  • Menu


One of the most popular pizza chains in Trinidad, Mario’s offers great specials that pair their pizzas with filling sides, fit for any occasion. From the classics to speciality pizzas, head to Mario’s if you’re looking a quick slice or enough to satisfy a group of people.

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Pizza Boy’s

Another popular pizza chain, Pizza Boy’s offers a variety of classics and specialities for those looking for their pizza fix. Our personal favourite is the jumbo sized cheese pizza – perfect for a large group of people, or if you’re feeling daring, for yourself (we’re not judging).