Top 9 Trends for Carnival Monday Wear 2017

From bodychains to flash tattoos.

With just over a month to go, it’s time to get your Monday wear organized (if you haven’t already). Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more gorgeous, custom-made pieces to show off on Carnival Monday. However, if you prefer to keep Monday a bit more low-key (nonetheless gorgeous and let’s be honest.. comfortable), these trends will help you achieve this. Here are 3 things we’re keeping in mind:

  • Comfort: You’re going to be on the road all day and night in the sun, and let’s be honest, true masqueraders are not pumping in stilettos.
  • Stylish but Functional: We’ve seen some amazing custom pieces on the road, but it really makes no sense to wear them if you can’t even wine properly without being uncomfortable or it falling apart.
  • Fit for Your Body: We know how much pressure there is to look bess for Carnival, and all the work people put into this in the year leading up. However, people from all over the world and country, indeed have different body types. Our trends featured are applicable to everyone, and can be suited to what works for you.

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1. Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are one of our favourite ways to acessorizr your Carnival outfit because it doesn’t weigh you down, irritate you, or make you sweaty. These tats stay on for almost a week depending on how you care for them. They have various styles to fit your look and they’re super easy to apply.

 Best Paired With:

  • Anything!
Carnival Monday Trends: Flash Tattoos

2. Bodychains

We’re obsessed with body chains because you can wear them over pieces that you already have in your closet, or on top of simple bodysuits or swimsuits and make them GLAM.

Best Paired With:

  • Swimsuits
  • Bodysuits
  • Crop top + high-waisted bikini bottom
  • Tank top + high-waisted jean shorts
Carnival Monday Trends: Bodychains

3. Mesh

We’re loving the mesh look especially because of the old-school vybz it brings back, and how breathable it is. The road can get extremely hot, and incorporating mesh into your look is a great way to look bess and not sweat excessively.

Best Paired With:

  • Pieces on it’s own, if a swimsuit or bodysuit
  • Worn over crop tops, tank tops
  • Bandeaus + jean shorts
Carnival Monday Trends: Mesh

4. Sequins

Adding sequinned pieces to your Monday wear look will most definitely enhance any outfit that you’re already planning. Whether it’s a bodysuit or a subtle choker, sequins are a perfect way to add a bit of glam to your look. Keep in mind, some sequin pieces can be extremely irritable, so make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Best Paired With:

  • Anything!
Carnival Monday Trends: Sequins

5. Florals

From full floral pieces to hints in your Monday wear, we’ve noticed quite a bit of floral designs from our favourite brands. Go beyond abstract patterns with these pretty pieces.

Best Paired With:

  • Anything!
Carnival Monday Trends: Florals

6. Baseball Caps

Probably one of the biggest trends of the past year, baseball caps will not only keep the sun away from you on the road, but they pretty much look great on anyone.

Best Paired With:

  • Casual-wear
Carnival Monday Trends: Baseball Caps


7. Chokers

Over-rated trend? Nope. Chokers are our favourite accessory this year for playing mas. Whether you’re going with a plain choker that pairs well with your look, or enhancing a more-plain look with a glam choker, you can’t go wrong. Keep in mind certain chokers can be VERY irritable, so make sure you’re comfortable wearing it throughout the day. If it is irritable and you still plan on wearing it, be sure to keep the link as loose as possible.

 Best Paired With:

  • Anything!
Carnival Monday Trends: Chokers

 8. Sneakers

We’ve started to notice a shift from the standard Carnival boots to sneakers over the past couple years, and this is something we can definitely get behind. We’re all for breathable sneakers that will let you wine and climb all night long. White sneakers from Keds or Converse look great with every outfit or you can go all out and find a sneaker that matches your look.

 Best Paired With:

  • Anything!
Carnival Monday Trends: Sneakers


9. Simple Bodysuits

Whether you’re wearing it alone, or paired with shorts, we’re loving simple neutral bodysuits that let the accessories and makeup do the all the work. For those who are more concerned with their body type, look into shapewear or similar swimsuits.

 Best Paired With:

  • Worn alone
  • Chokers
  • Jean shorts
Carnival Monday Trends: Simple Bodysuits
All items featured are available online for purchase, just in time for Carnival Monday. We’ll see you on the road 😉